Yun Nam Hair Care – Treating Hair Loss In Women: 3 Natural Techniques

Unbeknownst to many, hair loss affects nearly half of women and an almost equal proportion of men. Also a physical condition that may cause psychological effects, women very likely more than men, are those at the forefront of obtaining worthwhile cures and remedies.

Though hair loss can take place at any age it is often most common in women over 50 and generally menopausal. This may be related to the many hormonal changes that occur during this time in life which affect hair growth. And the anticipated female pattern hair loss condition that affects many women is alternatively due to genetic patterns on either side of a person’s family. Other causes of hair loss may be thyroids or hormonal issues as previously mentioned.

But the best medicine for any possible cause is prevention. Knowing the source of hair loss is the key to its early rectification.

Yun Nam Hair care experts are often the go-to professional for this condition but should not be consulted alone. Other doctors such as gynecologist and general practitioners should first be consulted to rule out any serious conditions related to hormones or other factors. Birth control for example has been associated with hair loss, so there may be several others issues at play outside of genetics. And alternative medicine doctors and herbalist can also be contacted to assist with hormone imbalances or other treatable conditions not requiring medical intervention.

Signs of hair loss including overall thinning, a widening part or too much hair shedding while showering combing or brushing.


Hair Loss in Women and Preventing Female Hair Loss


Natural treatments for hair loss

Outside of the prescription medications that may be given to a woman by her dermatologist there are also several natural treatments that have been utilized as well. They include dietary changes, daily regimes, and styling (which may be more of a support mechanism rather than a treatment).

Dietary changes: An increase in omega-3 fatty acids is encouraged as well as foods that may assist hormone problems. Lemon and ginger for instance have been associated with lessening the hormone estrogen.




Direct application: This may include specific nutrients that can be applied directly to your hair to stimulate growth as well as massaging techniques. Massaging with coconut oil for instance can help stimulate hair follicles.

Styling: It is recommended to practice safe hair care and styling when treating hair loss. Avoid adding excessive heat or chemicals that may damage or break the hair. Likewise, use techniques that make the hair appear fuller on more voluminous.