Unhappy With Your Tattoo? Your Life Isn’t Over – Here’s How to Remove It



Tattoos used to be permanent and irreversible, but now, with time and money, you can have any tattoo art you have had safely removed. Read through to find out the various ways that you can get rid of unwanted tattoos. It is believed that a great number of people have tattoos today, and more than half of the people with tattoos today want to get rid of them. Thanks to dermatologic surgeons, tattoos or any marks on the body can be safely and effectively removed from the skin by use of different techniques. Anyone pondering seeing a specialist who offers tattoo removal services should be mindful of factors, such as the size of the tattoo, color and location before they can begin the process of getting the tattoo removed. There exists various reasons that may influence one’s decision to have a tattoo removed and they include the following:

Regrets about the decision
Allergic reactions
Meeting qualifications for employment
The desire to replace one tattoo with another

Let’s look at two of the most common methods of tattoo removal that are not too painful yet effective.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers have become the most common form of tattoo removal and the fact that they work tremendously well is one of the reasons why many people opt for this method. The level of success with laser removal varies with each individual and depends on the tattoo as well. The greater the ink and the skin color contrast, the easier removal will be. In addition, brighter colored inks are harder to remove than dark ones, such as purple or green. Bright, fluorescent colors are nearly impossible to remove. Just like older tattoos, smaller tattoos are also easy to remove. The explanation for this is that it is easier to break down the ink. The laser removal method works by targeting the ink. This is done with pulses of highly concentrated light breaking the ink into tiny fragments, which are later cleared away by your immune system. It is important to note that removal is not achieved with just one treatment but rather with a number of treatments. The more treatments you have, the easier the laser can penetrate and destroy the ink, and this is necessary when your tattoo is made up of various colors of ink, which are hard to remove. Of interest also is the fact that having many treatments could destroy your skin, and this may cause painful sores and blisters that could leave scarring. Experts however say that technology has advanced to the point where tattoo removal services of this nature can be carried out with minimal scarring or none at all, but this depends on the situation.



Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Working more or less the same as the laser method, this therapy uses high intensity light to remove tattoos. A gel is applied to the skin area and then a wand is used to emit light pulses onto the skin area under treatment. It is a more effective method than the traditional laser therapy and much less painful. However, many forge this method simply because it is a very expensive one. The cost depends on the number of pulses per session, so one session may cost a significant amount of money.


Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

People have compared the process of tattoo removal to being splattered with hot grease, this simply means that it is physically painful. It is, in addition, an expensive process mostly because of the number of sessions that you would need to have to get the tattoo removed. Although not pleasant, scarring is inevitable with some methods.