The Secret to More Youthful Eyes

The skin on your face is remarkably durable except for the region that surrounds your eyes. This facial area is extremely delicate, which is why it is usually the first part of your face to betray your real age. Today’s cosmetic advancements hold the secret to more youthful eyes. Products and techniques that have the potential to make your eyes appear younger include:


• Laser treatments
• Chemical peels
• Eye creams
• Injections
• Makeup


Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can lessen the red and bluish discolorations that appear under your eyes with age. Cosmetic devices like a vascular laser will shrink visible blood vessels and boost collagen production. To perform the procedure, your cosmetic technician will guide a laser beam across the surface of your skin. He or she will complete this action carefully and precisely to eliminate undesirable skin cells layer by layer.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can diminish the look of dark circles under your eyes. This cosmetic treatment is the best option when hyperpigmentation is the reason for their appearance. For the eye area, most cosmetic professionals use a superficial peel due to the delicacy of the area and because the treatment involves working near your eyes. Deep chemical peels should be avoided because they can damage your eyeballs. If you’ve opted for a laser treatment to eliminate your dark circles, then you may also need a chemical peel to treat the remaining fine lines. After a chemical peel, be sure to follow your cosmetic technician’s post-treatment care instructions closely to prevent scarring or infections.


Eye Creams

Once you reach age 40, your skin becomes thinner, which makes your blood vessels visible. This increases discoloration. Your skin also starts to lose its elasticity. These conditions make most people look old and tired. Dark circle eye cream is formulated to reduce puffiness, moisturize your skin and decrease the appearance of dark circles. To select the best eye cream for excessively dark circles, look for ointments that contain:
• Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 
• Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone 
• Palmitoyl Oligopeptide 
• Chrysin 
• Retinyl Palmitate 

These substances feature elements that will boost your skin’s collagen production while lessening the visibility of blood vessels. The result is fewer noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.




If the hollows under your eyes are deep, injectable fillers can resolve the issue and give your eyes a more youthful look. The cosmetic procedure also brightens up your eyes. To perform the procedure, your cosmetic doctor will inject a filler into the tear channels of your eyes. Depending on how quickly your body breaks down the filler, the substance will last from three to 18 months. Also, follow-up injections are required. Injections make your eyes look less sunken, and the results are immediate.





To treat dark eye circles with makeup, select a foundation that’s yellow-based and lighter than your natural skin tone by about two shades. Use a concealer brush with a small head, and apply a dab of foundation lengthwise along your lower lashes from the inner corner of each eye to the hollow section of your nose. Add a light layer of powder to seal the foundation in place. If you’re self-conscious about the wrinkles around your eyes, use an eye primer. The product sinks down into skin creases to give your eyes a youthful look.





If you’re not ready to age gracefully, dark circle eye creams, cosmetic procedures and strategically applied makeup will help you slide the age clock back a few clicks. With a little extra research, you can find the best eye cream for your skin type. Also, be sure to try the cosmetic industry’s topical treatments before moving onto more invasive options.