The Beauty of French Skin Care (And Why Women Swear By It!)

In America women tend to be ever focused on finding the fountain of youth and maintaining a forever young aesthetic. They put a lot of effort, time, and money into maintaining their looks in one way or another. While many American women use make-up to enhance their looks and cover aging, more and more women today are turning toward French trends in regards to beauty and youth.

Unlike women here in the United States, most French women wear little to no make-up, and instead invest in skin care. They believe that if your skin is healthy it will look beautiful no matter how old you are, and they don’t try to cover their mature skin if it is as healthy as it can be. Because of this cultural aspect, the French skin care routine has been tested and improved until it’s reached a point where it’s envied by women everywhere.

The skin care regimen is one that focuses on taking the proper time to clean and treat skin. Most French women start and end their days with specially formulated milk-based cleansers, cleaning their face without drying it out or leaving a soapy residue behind. They also focus on getting moisturizer that will really do the job it’s supposed to. Most skin care routines in France involve a daily dose of moisturizer, not just for the face, but for the whole body.

A step that French women take in their skin care routines that almost no American women do, is adding skin toner. This is a product that keeps skin truly healthy by working to ensure that the pH levels of your skin are where they should be. By maintaining their skin’s pH levels, French women are able to ensure that it’s neither too dry nor oily, and that it is tight and wrinkle-free.

As with any skin care process designed to keep your youthful appearance in tact, the French also make sure to employ an anti-aging serum in their day-to-day routine. The serums keep their skin naturally youthful and vibrant so that they can avoid having to cake on harmful pore-clogging make-up to do the job for them.

People everywhere have noticed that many French women seem to defy age. Now that the skin care treatments they undergo are being made more public, it’s no surprise that the successful routine is being picked up as a hot trend by women all around the world.

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