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IPL Hair Removal Treatment: The Time It Takes To Be Hair-Free

IPL treatment is one of the preferred methods for removing hair in unwanted places. Many potential candidates for this procedure wonder about the benefits of the treatment and the length of time needed to complete IPL. Here is a rundown of some of the most important facts about IPL.


What does IPL Do?

IPL is a laser treatment used to remove hair from the body. The treatment works by using intense light that penetrates the surface of the skin, causing the hair follicle to disintegrate and the hair to fall out. Many people choose IPL over other forms of hair removal because of its permanence. After several sessions of IPL, users can expect for at least 80-90% of the original hair volume to be gone.


Is IPL a Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

Once an IPL treatment is completed, it is permanent. There is no more need to wax or shave the hair in the region. Sometimes a bit of hair does eventually grow back, but this hair is usually much thinner and lighter than the original hair, and it is also much more sparse. A touch up treatment of IPL can remove any unwanted hair that happens to grow back.


How Long Does it Take to Completely Remove Hair with IPL?

The amount of time needed to complete IPL treatments depends on a number of factors. First of all, an area with finer hair will take fewer sessions than an area with thick and dense hair. Secondly, people’s bodies respond differently to IPL treatments, and some will respond more quickly than others. Another factor may be the strength and accuracy of the procedure; clinics vary in their success rates at completing an IPL treatment.

In general, an individual can expect to undergo 8-12 sessions of IPL before seeing a permanent solution to their unwanted hair problems. After the first few sessions, many people see a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair. However, for a full and permanent hair removal, several more sessions will likely be needed. Get your experience with IPL hair removal here.


How Long is Each Session?

The amount of time that an IPL session takes depends again on the above factors. The severity of the unwanted hair mass and the efficiency of the chosen clinic have a lot to do with the amount of time patients will spend at the clinic. A typical IPL session can last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. Sessions that are longer may prevent the need for having more sessions overall, since more exposure to the laser usually makes the session more effective. Contact an individual IPL session to find out more about their length of session as well as the number of sessions that users typically have to undergo.

A procedure for removing hair that takes only 8-12 sessions can save an individual a lot of time. The money and time that would have been spent on shaving or waxing in the future can be counted against the time spent on getting IPL treatment. Because of its great effectiveness and convenience, many people are choosing a course of IPL.

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