Shakura Malaysia – Avoid Dry Skin in the Cold

If you live in a cold environment (at least in the winter), you know how bad your skin can become during the colder months and how it dries out. This is not something you have to just deal with though. In fact, there are ways you can avoid dry skin so you are sure to look and feel great, regardless of the temperature or what is going on outside.

Inside your home, try to turn up the humidity if you can. You can pick up a humidifier and have it running in your bedroom while you sleep. This is probably the longest amount of time you are going to spend in one room, so if you are unable to run a large humidifier throughout the house, this is a great way to go about doing it. Of course, if you do not have one and do not have the cash to go out and by one you can actually just hang some wet towels in your bedroom while you sleep. This is going to add moisture to the air and help your skin in the process.

Some people see oil in their skin care products and immediately turn away. This should not always be the case, especially when the temperature drops and the air turns dry (or if you live in an extremely dry climate). You can actually use safflower oil as a body moisturizer, which you commonly find in the cooking isle. This is a great way to add fatty acids to your skin, without spending too much money on skincare products.


You want to layer your skincare products when the temperature starts to turn cold outside. First, look for a hydrating serum that you can apply right before you add the moisturizer. This is going to give your skin at least two layers of protection against the cold wind and temperature, which is extremely important.


And remember, do not just add these items (such as the oil form the step above) to your face. Focus on areas of your body that move a lot, such as your knees and elbows. This way, you can have a comfortable skin that is extra moisturized. If you do not do this, the areas where your body moves is going to crack more often.

Just because the temperature is turning cold outside does not mean you need to worry about your skin breaking down and cracking. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the beauty treatments and regimens.