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 The fields of science, medicine, and healthcare have seen tremendous changes in the past few decades. The technological innovations that have been possible, have now made healthcare more affordable. New inventions are being made that have come to the rescue of many people. Let’s say you don’t use one of the best gaming headsets and in result your hearing is damaged. Healthcare industry and the medical field have seen drastic improvements and this has certainly made life much better, aiding patients all over the world.

Here is a look at some of the technological advancements in the medical and healthcare sector.

Medical Hardware and devices:

The crucial role of technology in medicine has made medical care accessible to many. The new medical devices and equipment have significantly improved the healthcare facilities that are available to people. Inventions like the simple adhesive bandages and the complex MRI machines have changed the face of medical care.

Medical hardware devices like the thermometers, blood sugar apparatus, X-ray machines, sonogram machines, stents, stethoscopes etc. have all become an integral part of the healthcare systems. These innovations have certainly made it very easy for doctors and patients to monitor the various health conditions.

Mobile Health Technology

A healthcare process on the go has seen the light of the day. They are no more confined to the four walls of the hospitals or the wires and attachments of computer aided healthcare devices.

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, now provide free access to information to patients. Healthcare providers all over the world have been using mobile health technology tools to connect with many patients across the world.

Mobile health technology is used by health care providers in some of the following ways:

  • Access to clinical information through mobile health apps etc.
  • Facilitates communication with patients.
  • Collaboration with the different care teams.
  • Real-time monitoring of patients.
  • Tele-medicine.

Research and Development

New procedures and processes are being invented with the help of innovative technologies to help in the research and development of medicine. Scientists are constantly doing research in the various medical fields to help them diagnose, prevent and find cures for diseases. Many new drugs are medicines are being developed which hasten the healing process.

New vaccines are being developed to tackle the spread of different diseases. Millions of lives are being saved because of these vaccines.

Robotics in medical field

Robotics in healthcare and medicine is a discipline that has brought huge benefits to many individuals all across the world. The numerous advantages that robotics has in the medical field are incomparable.
Robots are being used in high precision operations, which is highly impossible for human beings to do without any error. They are now being used to execute operations which were otherwise impossible, often saving lives in critical conditions.
Medical robotics will be one of the most widely used technologies in the future. Currently, in its infant stage, it is still providing quality health care and medical care.
We can fairly conclude that the field of medicine has seen tremendous advancements due to technology. The quality of life of people has improved. Healthcare which was previously inaccessible is now very close to patients.
- glashammer