PRP Treatment Could be The Key to Clearer Skin You’ve Always Wanted


Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a new medical procedure used to rejuvenate skin cells. In simple words, PRP treatment uses excess natural platelets in the human body to create smoother skin. Depending on certified dermatologist and surgeon, the procedure can be done with or without fillers. Irrespective of the two options, platelets are injected into the body using injections or an automated process that utilize micro needles. In addition, there is also a newer version where platelets are introduced using topical addition to resurfacing.

Overview of the Procedure

In simple words, PRP is used to nourish the skin by enhancing the shape and volume of the face. Despite all the myths, PRP is a simple non-surgical procedure that doesn’t require any special preparation. It can be performed by an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia. The person that need the treatment can just walk-in the medical office after taking a short briefing and safety test to ensure a comfortable environment. As such, there are four facial options. The most significant improvement is experienced by injecting fillers. A similar treatment is also offered using injection therapy. Other less intensive methods may include laser resurfacing enhancements and PRP facial treatment.

What Happens Inside the Body?

In medical terminology, the procedure uses a serum inside the human blood in conjunction with filler to aid in the development of collagen. At the start of the procedure, a very small blood sample is taken from the arm of the person who needs the treatment. Often, the blood sample is smaller than what is usually taken during routine medical checkups. Afterwards, the blood is spun in a specially designed centrifuge at very high speeds. As a result, red blood cells and plasma of the subject are separated and ready to be used for the procedure. The process increases the plasma to 4 times its normal count, which is then injected into the subject. In other cases, the blood can also be applied topically using a surface regeneration method.

Basically, the entire process tricks the human body to think that there is an injury. This is done by adding calcium chloride in the injected serum. Once the serum goes inside the body, the body reacts quickly thinking that there is an internal injury. Therefore, healing platelets rush to heal creating a rich fibrin mesh. The resulting fibrin mesh act as a first aid response as it calls healing cells inside the body. These healing cells generate collagen, which is used to heal face muscles and produce newer skin.

Advantages & Safety Issues

Interestingly, this is not a new procedure nor itis restricted to face rejuvenation. In fact, the procedure is successfully used all over the world to repair damaged tissues and muscles for athletes. Hence, the practicality and safety of PRP treatment is well-documented. The end result of PRP therapy is a healthier appearance and a thicker dermis. A thick dermis reduces wrinkles and scars that are naturally formed due to aging. Perhaps, the real advantage of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is prolonged duration of fillers. It means that anyone can enjoy long periods of sustainable skin tone without consistent filler treatments.