IPL Hair Removal Treatment: The Time It Takes To Be Hair-Free

IPL treatment is one of the preferred methods for removing hair in unwanted places. Many potential candidates for this procedure wonder about the benefits of the treatment and the length of time needed to complete IPL. Here is a rundown of some of the most important facts about IPL.


What does IPL Do?

IPL is a laser treatment used to remove hair from the body. The treatment works by using intense light that penetrates the surface of the skin, causing the hair follicle to disintegrate and the hair to fall out. Many people choose IPL over other forms of hair removal because of its permanence. After several sessions of IPL, users can expect for at least 80-90% of the original hair volume to be gone.


Is IPL a Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

Once an IPL treatment is completed, it is permanent. There is no more need to wax or shave the hair in the region. Sometimes a bit of hair does eventually grow back, but this hair is usually much thinner and lighter than the original hair, and it is also much more sparse. A touch up treatment of IPL can remove any unwanted hair that happens to grow back.


How Long Does it Take to Completely Remove Hair with IPL?

The amount of time needed to complete IPL treatments depends on a number of factors. First of all, an area with finer hair will take fewer sessions than an area with thick and dense hair. Secondly, people’s bodies respond differently to IPL treatments, and some will respond more quickly than others. Another factor may be the strength and accuracy of the procedure; clinics vary in their success rates at completing an IPL treatment.

In general, an individual can expect to undergo 8-12 sessions of IPL before seeing a permanent solution to their unwanted hair problems. After the first few sessions, many people see a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair. However, for a full and permanent hair removal, several more sessions will likely be needed. Get your experience with IPL hair removal here.


How Long is Each Session?

The amount of time that an IPL session takes depends again on the above factors. The severity of the unwanted hair mass and the efficiency of the chosen clinic have a lot to do with the amount of time patients will spend at the clinic. A typical IPL session can last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. Sessions that are longer may prevent the need for having more sessions overall, since more exposure to the laser usually makes the session more effective. Contact an individual IPL session to find out more about their length of session as well as the number of sessions that users typically have to undergo.

A procedure for removing hair that takes only 8-12 sessions can save an individual a lot of time. The money and time that would have been spent on shaving or waxing in the future can be counted against the time spent on getting IPL treatment. Because of its great effectiveness and convenience, many people are choosing a course of IPL.

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Catch Early Signs Of Pigmentation For Clearer Skin

Although there are a plethora of different skin challenges that can compromise an individual’s sense of self-confidence, pigmentation can be particularly problematic. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that pigmentation causes the skin to appear uneven and dull. Despite the aesthetic challenges that can be caused by pigmentation, being able to detect the condition early can help individuals begin counteracting the problem before it becomes profound. By learning more about the early signs of pigmentation, you can take this type of proactive approach.




Pigmentation-A Brief Overview

Although defined broadly, pigmentation is basically skin coloring. Although we have natural pigmentation as a result of a pigment called melanin, excessive amounts of pigmentation is an unsightly condition referred to as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that includes skin darkening as a result of excessive amounts of melanin in the sufferer’s cells. In many cases, hyperpigmentation is mistakenly interpreted as skin conditions such as eczema or moles. Although hyperpigmentation can affect select areas of the skin, it can also adversely affect the sufferer’s entire body.


Early Signs Of Pigmentation

There are a plethora of different signs which can indicate that an individual has excessive pigmentation. Some of the symptoms can include age spots, excessive freckles, lines and wrinkles, or splotchy skin. As many health experts know, one of the most common causes for hyperpigmentation is excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Since this is the case, individuals who spend extensive time in the sun should be cognizant of the fact that exposure to ultraviolet rays can precipitate hyperpigmentation.





When you are looking for signs of pigmentation, you should pay attention to any patches of dark skin that resulted from any post-inflammatory conditions. In many cases, hyperpigmentation can develop in skin regions that have been subjected to sudden stretching and subsequently returned to its previous condition. An example of this would be linea negra. Linea negra is a form of hyperpigmentation in which the sufferer develops a darkened line on the stomach. This type of hyperpigmentation is very common amongst women who are pregnant.

Individuals who suffer with acne lesions should look out for hyperpigmentation symptoms. Pimples that have been infected or popped can cause skin discolorations which quickly result in hyperpigmentation. People who struggle with acne and recognize signs of hyperpigmentation should meet with a licensed, trained dermatologist as soon as possible.


Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Although skin pigmentation can be a health problem and/or compromise an individual’s self-confidence, solutions are available. Individuals who wish to treat pigmentation can consider options such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. Chemical peels involve the use of a chemical solution being applied to an individual’s skin. The application of the solution causes the skin to “blister” or peel off. With dermabrasion, a dermatologist freezes the skin and subsequently “sands” it in order to improve its contours. The end result is a rejuvenated appearance that results from new skin replacing the former damaged skin. Laser therapy involves the use of a bright light to gently ablate and/or vaporize an individual’s skin tissue in a manner that can decrease the visible appearance of pigmentation.






Although pigmentation can be a problem for many people, viable solutions exist. By consulting with a trained dermatologist for pigmentation treatment, you can find the solutions you need in order to gain confidence in your appearance and lead a healthy, happy life. Good luck!

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Different Types of Slimming Treatments

There are many different types of slimming treatments that may be applied in order to help an individual who is obese to lose weight and sustain a much leaner figure. Some of the most popular types of slimming treatment options include liposuction, body wrap treatments, natural slimming supplements and herbal treatments. While all of these treatments have been proven to be effective, the individual results will vary from one person to the next. This means that no two people should expect to see the same results.

Liposuction is a procedure that can be done in many different ways by professional surgeons. The most commonly practiced forms of liposuction involve a surgical procedure where fat deposits are carefully removed by a surgeon using a suction tool. Patients that choose to undergo this type of slimming treatment will need to have several incisions made in the skin where the fat will be removed. The use of anesthesia is also required for this type of treatment. There are also less intrusive liposuction processes that can be administered by an injection or a laser. When the injection method is used, chemicals are placed in the fat deposits that cause the fat to harden. Afterward, the fat is passed naturally through the patient’s system as waste.

Body wrap treatments are another slimming treatment option that can help people lose weight fast. During this procedure, the person is wrapped tightly in elastic material. Throughout the duration of the process, the body sweats and gets rid of excessive fluid. This is a non-invasive form of treatment that does not require any type of incisions, anesthesia or healing once the process has been completed. It can be done as often as the person needs in order to slim down to the size that they desire.

Natural slimming supplements and herbal treatments are over the counter pills that contain ingredients which can help eliminate fat from the body. These dietary supplements are taken on a daily basis and contain natural ingredients such as Chitosan, Beta Glucan, and Whey Protein that help to reduce the absorption of fat, lower cholesterol, and build lean muscle.

Another kind of slimming treatment that is gaining popularity is Coolsculpting or Zeltiq. Coolsculpting is a natural way to reduce body fat and obtain long lasting results. The procedure is simple and does not require a lot of time to complete, in most cases just one hour. During the Coolsculpting procedure, the individual goes through a cooling process that is able to kill fat cells that lie underneath the skin by freezing them until they are completely eliminated.

Only the fat cells are frozen during the treatment and all healthy skin cells remain unharmed. The best part is that there are no incisions or scars left behind once the treatment is over. After the fat cells are crystallized, they die and are naturally eliminated as a waste product.

In order to find out more about Zeltiq coolsculpting in Singapore, and other slimming treatment options that are available, interested clients should get in contact with their local plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery facility.

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6 Tips For Your First Time Massage

When a person is preparing for his or her first massage, there are a few tips that may be helpful. No every massage is the same. In order to get the most benefits from the treatment, it will be iseful to understand what to expect. Here is some advice for a person facing a massage for the first time.


Choose The Right Massage Style

Many people choose to get a massage in order to gain relaxation. If a person is having pain or tension in a certain spot, a particular style of massage may be better than another. For example, a Swedish massage is a good starting point. Swedish massage involves a person laying on a table with gentle music in the background. Muscles are rubbed with oil or lotion in hopes of relieving tension.


Cheap Does Not Guarantee A Good Massage

Massages can be expensive, but it is important to be wary of a cheap treatment. A highly trained massage therapist will expect to be paid for the skills that have been mastered. A cheap massage may lead to more pain or will not take away tension. It will be worth paying a bit more to receive a massage from an expert who can make the body and mind feel better.


benefits of massage infographic



Explain The Situation

If a person is having his or her first massage, it is wise to tell the therapist. Many massage therapists will want to give a great treatment to a first time client. The therapist will be more likely to explain things in greater detail as well.


Things To Expect During A Naked Massage

After a person decides to have a professional massage, there will be a meeting with the therapist. Then, this person will leave the room while the person gets undressed. A person should only remove the clothes that keep the level of comfort high. When the clothes are gone, the person lays on the massage table, covered with a towel and blanket. When the therapist returns, he or she will straighten the blanket and direct the person to lay on the stomach or back. Shortly after, the massage will begin. The therapist will never be able to view a person’s private parts at any time.


Speak Up With Concerns

If a person is not comfortable with the technique, it is important to convey this to the therapist. It is also important to feel comfortable with the temperature in the room and pressure being applied. A true professional will be able to adjust the circumstances and make things better.


Always Tip

A client should always tip a massage therapist, especially for a good job. In a spa, a therapist will only receive a small percentage of the price being paid. If the massage was very good, the tip will express the satisfaction that was felt. Even if a person is getting a massage through a gift certificate, it is only fair to leave a tip. It is normal to tip up to 25 percent of the total cost of the massage.

Getting a massage should be relaxing and enjoyable. If a person is just about to embark on a massage for the first time, the above tips should be useful. In the end, it will help a person relieve stress, tension, and have a great massage experience.


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What NOT to Do When Experiencing Knee Pain

When knee joint pain starts, many people are tempted to follow mythical advice rather than see an orthopedic doctor. Some of the advice dispensed by well-meaning family and friends can actually cause more harm to the joint, and most of it will certainly delay healing. Here are some age-old nuggets to ignore when knee pain strikes.


Walk It Off

While muscular twinges can sometimes be soothed by continued activity, this is not usually a good idea with joints. Knee pain can be caused by any number of factors, including damage or irritation to tendons, cartilage and ligaments. The last thing anyone should do is power through pain and try to walk it off. Rest, ice and elevation are crucial for nursing a minor knee injury.



Ignore a Grinding Sensation

While it isn’t always the case, a grinding sensation accompanied by pain in the knee can point to end-stage arthritis. At this point, the cartilage that cushions the knee joint has worn away entirely and the bones of the leg are rubbing together. People with this condition may also notice swelling or a ‘locking up’ of the joint. For those who are experiencing grinding, only an orthopedic surgeon can be helpful. There is no supplement known to man that regrows cartilage, contrary to the claims of some shadier supplement companies. If a knee joint is at this stage, knee replacement is often the only option.



Apply Heat

Once again, this is advice usually best heeded for muscular injuries and strains. Pain in a joint should be treated with ice or cold water therapy. This will reduce swelling and keep the area from becoming even more immobile. Cold therapy, in conjunction with some over-the-counter pain medication, can make all the difference for minor knee injuries.



Overuse Other Body Parts

Some runners who are halted by knee pain take to swimming, only to find that their shoulders are also sore and painful within weeks. For those who love to exercise, the temptation to simply switch gears and change activities can be huge. However, an injury should be a signal to dial back on activity, not simply change it. The body needs some time to heal injuries, and creating another by overuse is the worst possible thing to do.


Use Painkillers to Ignore It

Some people gobble ibuprofen, aspirin or even prescription painkillers to power through their knee pain. Instead of seeking knee pain treatment, these individuals are treating their pain and nothing more. Overuse of painkillers can damage the liver and the stomach, as well as create a dangerous dependency.

When faced with knee pain, many people are inundated with old wives’ tales, worthless supplements or plain bad advice. Knowing how to care for a knee injury and being aware of when it’s time to seek professional help are essential to keeping knees healthy and functional.


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How to Treat Hyperpigmentation from Acne

What is Hyperpigmentation? 

Hyperpigmentation is frequently a result of skin inflammation such as acne vulgaris. This condition causes various areas of the skin’s surface to become darker. An individual with naturally darker skin tones is more likely to develop this condition due to higher levels of melanin in the skin’s tissue. In addition, longer exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will often increase hyperpigmentation especially for individuals with naturally darker skin tones.

Find an Expert Aesthetician 

The condition of hyperpigmentation may be localized to particular areas of the body such as the face, arms or back. Alternatively, the darker patches of coloration might occur on several portions of the body. Individuals with dark patches of skin can seek a pigmentation treatment from a professional aesthetician at www.priveclinic.com, with specialized training in this condition.

Prive Clinic offers best solutions of hyperpigmentation treatment for serious acne scar patients

Prive Clinic offers best solutions of hyperpigmentation treatment for serious acne scar patients

Understanding Acne 

The condition of acne vulgaris typically begins in early adolescence and may continue into early adulthood. Individuals will develop nodules, pustules, papules and comedones in the pores of skin. Due to massive changes in hormone production the oil from glands increases, causing pores to grow bacteria. The bacterial growth is a result of skin flakes and oil combining while plugging pores on the skin’s surface.

How Acne Leads to Discoloration 

The inflammation causes skin tissue to develop pus filled pimples of various sizes. The surrounding tissue often will become red and painful when there are numerous pimples on the skin. Severe incidences of acne can lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation that is permanent without professional intervention. Individuals with post inflammatory pigmentation may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the darker areas of skin tissue.

Get an Evaluation 

Fortunately, an individual with this condition can seek a advice from skin specialists where aestheticians have experience in techniques that eliminate skin discoloration. During a consultation, the professional aestheticians who treat hyperpigmentation will examine a client carefully to provide the best options for lightening darker areas of skin tissue. In addition, an aesthetician thoroughly explains each skin lightening procedure that removes hyperpigmentation to a client before it begins.

Laser Procedures 

After a consultation with an aesthetician, a pigmentation treatment begins with the use of small lasers or chemical peels. A laser treatment to remove skin discoloration is achieved with a device that emits beams of pulsating light. The intense light beam reaches the underlying skin tissue to destroy the melanin discoloration. An aesthetician may recommend repeated laser procedures to reduce skin discolorations from hyperpigmentation completely.

Chemical Procedures 

Alternatively, a skin specialist may recommend chemical peel techniques to reduce hyperpigmentation. This form of nonsurgical pigmentation treatment uses ingredients such as ascorbic, alpha hydroxy, kojic or azelaic acid to reduce inflammation while increasing new skin cell production.


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How to Get Rid Of Pimples on Scalp

When pimples on scalp develop, it is an annoying and often uncomfortable problem. Not only are the pimples usually painful and uncomfortable, they can break and bleed. By getting rid of the pimples quickly, it is possible to improve the situation and comfort level.



Change Shampoo 
The first alteration to make is to the current shampoo. Opt for an option that contains tea tree oil, which will help kill any microorganisms that can complicate the acne and dry out the pimples before it has a chance to break.

The right shampoo is essential for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. If the shampoo contains harmful chemicals that dry out the skin on the scalp, then acne is likely to develop and get worse over time. Making a change to the current shampoo can help reduce the risk and improve the situation by clearing up the acne and preventing future breakouts.


Apple Cider Vinegar 
When trying to get rid of pimples on scalp, massage a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar and one part water on the scalp. The mixture of vinegar and water will disinfect the scalp and help restore the appropriate pH balances, which can help prevent future breakouts and fight the current acne on the scalp.

Allow the mixture to sit on the hair and scalp for five to ten minutes before washing it out. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then wash with a gentle soap.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Tutorial


Neem Oil 
If tea tree oil irritates the skin, then massage neem oil into the scalp. Neem oil will have a similar impact on the current acne, but it will not cause the same level of irritation and discomfort that is found with tea tree oil. It is friendlier to sensitive and delicate skin.



Honey and Cinnamon 
Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder with three tablespoons of natural or organic honey. Dab the affected area with the mixture and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before washing it out. Honey helps kill the bacterium that causes pimples while cinnamon fights the inflammation that causes pain and discomfort.

It is not necessary to put up with pimples on the scalp. A few small changes to the normal routine and appropriate treatment solutions will help fight the acne and allow the skin to heal. The key is finding ways to dry out the pimples without irritating the skin of the scalp.

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Myopia and How to Treat It

Myopia is considered a refractive error of the eye because the shape of the eyeball distorts the way the eye refracts light. Refract is anther name for bend and in myopia, which is also called nearsightedness, the eyeball is too long. The image focuses in front of the retina instead of right on it. An ophthalmologist can give a patient a myopia guide to better explain the condition to them.

With nearsightedness, the person can see objects close up and can easily read and do close work but can’t focus on objects that are further away. Myopia is Greek for “closed eyes,” because people often squint when they’re nearsighted.



Myopia is often inherited and parents might notice that their child starts to squint when he or she is between eight and twelve years old. The child might also complain that he or she can’t see the blackboard in school. As a child grows, his or her myopia tends to get worse because the long eyeball grows with the rest of the body. The child might need to get his or her eyeglass prescription changed frequently. When the child becomes an adult, the myopia will usually stabilize. This is the time when the person might consider lasiksurgery.sg.


Lasiksurgery.sg uses lasers to help change the shape of the eye to make sure that the image falls through the lens of the eye and focuses on the retina instead of in front of it. Lasik surgery is very effective in correcting myopia and doesn’t have high myopia complications (also read Reasons Why Lasik Surgery Is A Better Substitute To Better Vision). The eye is numbed and the patient is put into a twilight sleep. The ophthalmologist uses lasers to make a very precise flap in the patient’s cornea and then to resculpt the eye. The whole operation should take no more than a quarter hour. The operation doesn’t require any stitches because the flap closes naturally after the operation. The patient can go home soon after the operation and should rest for a few days. The ophthalmologist will prescribe special eye drops to help the patient cope with any dryness in the eye. It’s important that the patient keep follow-up appointments with the ophthalmologist to make sure everything is going well.


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Causes and Corrections for Myopia

Myopia is a vision condition more commonly known as nearsightedness. This term is given to the condition because the people who have it can see objects at a close distance but not those placed farther away. This condition usually develops in childhood and is caused by the lengthening of the eyeball itself. People interested in learning more about this condition will find helpful information inside a myopia guide. The usual method for correcting this vision condition is the use of prescription lenses. The lenses refocus the objects viewed so they do not hit the back area of the lengthened eyeball.

Some indication a child might be experiencing problems with their vision include squinting when trying to see something located between ten and twenty feet away. Children will also tend to sit closer to TV sets and computer monitors while watching videos or playing games. A child who normally sits in the front of a classroom, closer to the blackboard, who is moved to the back, could have problems doing the assigned work. Adults can develop this particular condition under certain situations. People who spend a lot of time working at a computer screen are more likely to develop myopia.

People who live in Asia can find help for nearsightedness by visiting the eye clinics in Singapore. The eye doctor will perform a series of tests to determine how bad the problem is. The test usually includes reading letters from an eye chart, which become progressively smaller from the top to bottom. This lets the doctor know where to begin fitting lenses into the vision machine for correcting the problem. The corrective lenses prescribed by doctors at eye clinics in Singapore can be made into lenses for eyeglass frames or for contacts. Adults who do a lot of close up work or reading can have bifocals made with two separate lens prescriptions.

Another option for correcting myopia is to have a procedure known as lasik surgery performed. People can find out more about how this procedure works by visiting http://www.lasiksurgery.sg/myopia.php on the Internet. This also begins with an initial examination by the doctor who will determine if the person is a good candidate for this type of vision surgery. The surgery itself takes only a few minutes and is performed right in the clinic. It does not require anesthesia and the recovery period is usually 24 hours. Many people see noticeable improvements right after the procedure is done.


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Getting Help for Your Beauty Concerns

Many people have beauty concerns. Society has become a place where both men and women face enormous pressure to look a certain way. There are options for people who want to improve their physical appearance. Some of these include skin whitening, dermal fillers and hair removal.

Skin whitening is a process in which the pigment of the skin can be reduced to make the skin appear lighter. This is done through facial wraps, exfoliation and serums. There are antioxidants in the facial wraps that help to counteract hyperpigmentation. The skin tone is lightened and becomes illuminated. Serums are applied to the skin for deep cleansing and afterwards a skin mask is applied so that the process can be completed.

The whitening can also cover up brown spots, acne scars and other blemishes. The treatments are unisex so men and women who have issues with their skin can have the problem addressed quickly.

Dermal fillers are injected into the face to increase the volume. As men and women age, the contour of their face changes which can make the skin appear to sag. There are several types of fillers that people can choose to use. These include Restalyne, Radiesse, Sculptra and Juvederm.

The filler is injected into the face using a very tiny needle. The procedure is painless and can increase the production of collagen in the face for twelve months or more. This is a great treatment to have because it lifts up the face without needing surgical intervention.

New Filler Injection Technique for Fine Lines

One issue many people face is that they want their beauty treatments to look natural. The appearance of the skin a few days later is very smooth and looks rejuvenated.
Many people struggle with having excessive hair in certain areas of their bodies. Hair removal can be done by laser. This removes the hair for a long time and allows people to avoid having to use crèams and waxes to remove the hair every week.

The heat from the laser kills the root of the hair and stops any more hairs from growing in its place. The procedure does not take very long and the results make the area of the skin being treated look very smooth.

The Prive Clinic is a great clinic that provides people with help for their beauty concerns. The clinic specializes in many different treatments for beauty enhancement and caters to men and women who want to look their best.

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