New York Skin Solutions Beauty Tips You Need To Know

Today’s market is saturated with various types of expensive beauty products. Products for hair, skin, and makeup are endless and making a choice can cause your head to spin (figuratively). Imagine shopping for skin products. You find a product that peaks your interest, then “WOW”! You have to decide whether to get the scrub, the gel, etc., etc. Just remember, looking beautiful does not have to cost you a lot of money. Here are some cost effective beauty tips you need to know:


Facial Skin Care

To give your skin a vibrant look and smooth feel; warm water, a towel, and unscented soap is all you will need. Many soaps are scented, which means that perfume is an ingredient. Scented soaps can cause skin irritation, especially if yours is sensitive.


Once your skin is cleansed apply a moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Application during this time renders maximum absorption of the moisturizer.


Makeup Applicator

Wait! Don’t throw away your makeup brush. You can prolong the life of your makeup brush by performing this simple cleaning task:


Prepare a mixture of liquid soap and warm water in a disposable container. Submerge your brush in the mixture and give it a few swirls. Repeat this process until your brush is clean; the appearance of the water will let you know. Rinse the brush with water. Remove excess water from your brush with a gentle twist then let the brush air dry.


Skin That Shimmers

You see them all the time on the “Red Carpet” and say to yourself, “I love that body shimmer”. Well, you too can look like the celebrities but at a more inexpensive cost. You may even have the tools at hand. All you need are lotion and metallic eye shadow.


Metallic Eye Shadow

Mix the two in the palm of your hands then apply to your skin. Your possibilities of shimmering skin colors are endless.


Hair Moisturizer(s)

There are vast numbers of hair moisturizing products to choose from. However, there is one moisturizer that surpasses them all: Water! As plants need water to grow and maintain strong roots so does your hair. To prevent breakage and dryness from overheating with curling irons and blow drying, the use of water or water based moisturizers (Aloe Vera) should be part of your hair moisturizing regime.


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