Lasik As a Form of Advanced Vision Correction

People who wear contacts and glasses will often become annoyed with their vision correction devices. Glasses can easily fall off the face and become broken, while contacts can become uncomfortable and cause itchy and dry eyes. After glasses and contacts are worn for a number of years, individuals will look for options to rid themselves of their vision correction nuisances. One of the best options available is Lasik surgery.


Lasik surgery is the permanent correction of the vision to allow individuals to see perfectly with 20/20 sight. The Lasik surgery is performed by an eye surgeon after a full evaluation of the eyes is performed. During this evaluation, the doctor will make sure that there are no eye injuries, high eye pressure or other deficiencies that could make the surgery unsuccessful. After the evaluation, the doctor will explain the procedure and any Lasik side effects that can occur. Side effects are minimal, but patients must be aware that proper eye care is integral in keeping side effects at bay. Eye infections are the most common effect after surgery, and this is why dirt and debris should be kept out of the eye. Patients are asked to keep their hands away from their face and carefully wash around their eyes until healing is complete. You may also try this reputable eye doctor at this eye clinic.


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The procedure itself is performed at a Lasik surgery clinic where instruments are used to make fine incisions around the eye. A small flap is cut above the cornea first, and then lasers are used to carefully correct the shape of the cornea. This reshaping is what corrects the vision permanently for the patient. Vision will be blurry for a few days after surgery, but patients can expect to see the positive effects of the Lasik after this time. Only one Lasik surgery is required for vision correction, and sight will stay near perfect for ten or fifteen years.


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Lasik surgery cost has lowered significantly over the past few years, and this means that more people are able to afford the surgery. Surgery on each eye can cost a few hundred dollars, or several hundred depending on how poor sight is. An exact dollar figure for the procedure is given after the initial eye consultation. This allows patients to consider their options and schedule the Epilasik surgery when their schedule and budget allows. Fortunately, there are often a great deal of scheduling options for patients, because the surgery only takes an hour or two.

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