It’s Okay to Cheat on Your Diet – Just Follow These 3 Rules!

Dieters often include a cheat day to indulge in their favorite foods. Even individuals who eat healthy as a lifestyle choice will put a cheat day in there. There is nothing wrong with a cheat day. In fact, it can help you stay on track with your nutrition plan by keeping your cravings in control. However, a cheat day used incorrectly can sabotage a good diet and even measures like lipo treatment cannot keep your body from storing fat when you overload on unhealthy food. Therefore, you need to know how to manage your cheat day.

Cheating Is Not Binging
Make sure that you keep your calorie intake within a reasonable limit even on your cheat days. Sure, you can add a few hundred to make up for the fact that you will be eating high calorie foods, but do not add a thousand or more calories. It is easy to lose track in the quest for the best tasting food, but you have to remember that a cheat day is about getting in those tastes and not about gorging yourself. If in doubt about a calorie intake for your cheat days, calculate the number of daily calories you need to reach your weight goal and then add two or three hundred.

Hydration is Still Important
Cheat days are great, but you will still be getting back to the grind the next day. You do not want to dehydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water on your cheat days. This will keep you from wasting your calories on beverages and help you keep your cheat calories within the acceptable range.

Cheating Only Applies to Food
Every good exercise program has break days for muscles to recover. These are not diet cheat days. When your diet cheat day comes around and happens to fall on a day with a run, you still need to run. You can absolutely plan your cheat days to fall on rest days, but it is a bad idea to treat cheat days as sloth days. You are not giving yourself carte blanche to destroy your healthy habits. You are giving yourself a few treats that will taste even better after a hard workout.

Keeping your cheat days in check will keep you from hitting the scale at the end of the week and wondering where all of your hard work went. In the end, it is worth having a little bit of discipline even on days set aside for a bit of slacking. Think of it like still washing the dishes even if you have just done spring-cleaning.