How To Look Hot in High Heels Without the Pain!

Every woman knows that a sexy pair of high heels is a must have in her beauty arsenal. They accentuate your leg making you look longer, leaner, toned, and more confident. They also give you a more attractive and feminine gait. The problem for a lot of women is that walking around in high heels is painful. They can leave you with blisters and sores or cause trips and falls. If you have this problem you’re probably wondering how other women make it look so effortless. If you follow these three tips you will be walking around in stilettos with of the ease of a supermodel in no time.

Step One: Choose the Right Heels

Go shoe shopping towards the end of the day when your feet are already swollen and try on shoes. This will help you to make sure you get the right size. Look for heels with leather soles they are softer and offer more cushion. Choose heels with straps that will help keep your foot from slipping and platforms that will keep your foot parallel to the ground. After you chose a pair walk around the store for a while in them to see how comfortable they are.

Step Two: Break in Your Heels

As soon as you get your new pair of heels home scuff up the soles using a pair of scissors or by walking around in them on a scratchy surface. Doing this will make the bottoms less slippery which will decrease your chances of falling in them. After you scuff up your soles spray some hairspray on the bottom of your heels which will also make them less slippery. Buy cushions and insoles for your shoes and add them to the insoles. This will give you extra support that will help you to prevent blisters and bunions. Then break in your shoes by walking and dancing around your house.

Step Three: Prepare Your Feet

This tip is going to sound a bit strange but get some flesh colored athletic tape and tape your third and fourth toes together (count from your big toe). This will align the muscles in your foot and take the pressure off the nerve in the ball of your foot. Another way to prepare your feet for heels is by spraying them with deodorant to increase friction and stop sweating. This will help you to avoid blisters.