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We are surrounded by technology everywhere. What we are able to achieve is possible only because of the technological advancements. Even chairs have changed – see the best gaming chair 2017 to understand what i mean. One look at the world, just 50 years back makes us acknowledge the enormous changes that have shaped our everyday lives of today.

Technology surely has had a positive impact on our lives. But is it all positive? To tell that technology does not have a negative impact is not right. It does have a negative impact to a certain extent. Anything not used/done in the right way surely leaves us with some ill effects.

Positive impacts of technology

At a first glance, the many positive impacts of technology are clearly divisible. This is a fact that none can deny. The world is where it is, because of the technological advancements. At every corner, in every sphere, we see the benefits of technology impacting our lives.

Some of the positive influences of technology are outlined here.

  • Right from the time we get up, we have technology aiding us. The alarm clocks have been replaced by the omnipresent smartphones.
  • Our kitchens run on the latest digital advancements. Take for example the microwave or the oven or even the coffee machine. All of these have helped ease our workload. Each unit has a good deal of embedded software fitted into the hardware, or the external body. For a person who doesn’t know much of the technicalities, these things do appear alien. But, it is only because of the embedded software programs that we are able to use our coffee machines or microwaves or the oven and time them perfectly.
  • The way we communicate is by far the most developed area; where technology has had a deep impact. Our computers, smartphones, and tablets have revolutionized the way we communicate. Gone are the days where we had to wait for days together to get a message from someone. Nowadays it is instant messaging.

Negative impacts of technology

Though the positives outnumber the negative impacts of technology, we should acknowledge that there are areas in our everyday lives that have been compromised due to technology.

Here is a look at the negative impacts.

  • Staying up-to-date with every other technological advancement is quite an arduous task. And this makes us very vulnerable to situations. An example here in point would be the certain location based features on our gadgets. We are certainly compromising on our security by giving away our location on the social media sites.
  • Addiction towards gadgets and other smartphones can be potentially bad for our health. Many children, teens, and even adults are addicted to these gadgets and cannot live life without them. This has a detrimental effect on their health. The fitness levels drastically come down, leading to many serious health conditions that are otherwise avoidable.
  • Technological advancements in certain core areas are causing health and occupational hazards.
  • There is more e-waste that is being generated than ever before. Without proper and effective means of disposal, theenvironment is surely taking a toll.

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