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Identify Your Signs of Pigmentation for Best Treatment

Skin pigmentation is a common thing people face as they live and age. Pigmentation can take on many different forms, but some forms of pigmentation are abnormal and considered unsightly. There are many different ways to treat pigmentation (see Shakura options), but this requires identifying what kind of pigmentation has occurred. The earlier pigmentation can be identified, the earlier some kind of treatment can begin, and this will usually provide better results in the long-term. The following are some of the signs of pigmentation that might indicate a need for treatment.






Basic Signs

The first sign is, obviously, dark splotches or patches of skin that do not match the rest of the skin tone. This can come in multiple forms. The simplest will appear brown or red. This can occur in a small area, or over your entire body at a time. This needs to be carefully distinguished from simple tanning caused by sun exposure. What to look out for is a consistent discoloration of skin that deviates from your normal tone and persists even well-after sun exposure has ceased.






Environmental Indicators

Somewhat less obviously is intense freckling or skin sensitivity. Some individuals are prone to greater freckling in the sun, often after suffering a sunburn. This indicates that pigmentation occurs in very high levels. It does not necessarily imply a disorder, but individuals concerned about their skin pigment may wish to contact a medical professional at this stage to look into treatment. While it does not necessarily constitute anything unusual on its own, it could imply a tendency for other pigmentation issues.


Other Indicators

Pigmentation disorders can also be indicated by a paler patch of skin. A lack of pigmentation, also called depigmentation, is generally referred to as vitiligo. This is a sure sign that a pigmentation abnormality is occurring. Much like other pigmentation disorders, this can be indicated by patches of paler skin, or by the entire body growing more pale over time. This also warrants contacting a medical professional to investigate if it concerns you.

These are just the basic signs of pigmentation. This is not medical advice, and they do not constitute conclusive evidence of some kind of medical disorder. However, from a cosmetic standpoint, these are signs that you may wish to investigate your skin tone further for possible pigmentation disorders. Treatment is possible, and catching pigmentation issues early will give you more options to deal with them and restore your natural skin tone.


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Catch Early Signs Of Pigmentation For Clearer Skin

Although there are a plethora of different skin challenges that can compromise an individual’s sense of self-confidence, pigmentation can be particularly problematic. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that pigmentation causes the skin to appear uneven and dull. Despite the aesthetic challenges that can be caused by pigmentation, being able to detect the condition early can help individuals begin counteracting the problem before it becomes profound. By learning more about the early signs of pigmentation, you can take this type of proactive approach.




Pigmentation-A Brief Overview

Although defined broadly, pigmentation is basically skin coloring. Although we have natural pigmentation as a result of a pigment called melanin, excessive amounts of pigmentation is an unsightly condition referred to as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that includes skin darkening as a result of excessive amounts of melanin in the sufferer’s cells. In many cases, hyperpigmentation is mistakenly interpreted as skin conditions such as eczema or moles. Although hyperpigmentation can affect select areas of the skin, it can also adversely affect the sufferer’s entire body.


Early Signs Of Pigmentation

There are a plethora of different signs which can indicate that an individual has excessive pigmentation. Some of the symptoms can include age spots, excessive freckles, lines and wrinkles, or splotchy skin. As many health experts know, one of the most common causes for hyperpigmentation is excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Since this is the case, individuals who spend extensive time in the sun should be cognizant of the fact that exposure to ultraviolet rays can precipitate hyperpigmentation.





When you are looking for signs of pigmentation, you should pay attention to any patches of dark skin that resulted from any post-inflammatory conditions. In many cases, hyperpigmentation can develop in skin regions that have been subjected to sudden stretching and subsequently returned to its previous condition. An example of this would be linea negra. Linea negra is a form of hyperpigmentation in which the sufferer develops a darkened line on the stomach. This type of hyperpigmentation is very common amongst women who are pregnant.

Individuals who suffer with acne lesions should look out for hyperpigmentation symptoms. Pimples that have been infected or popped can cause skin discolorations which quickly result in hyperpigmentation. People who struggle with acne and recognize signs of hyperpigmentation should meet with a licensed, trained dermatologist as soon as possible.


Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Although skin pigmentation can be a health problem and/or compromise an individual’s self-confidence, solutions are available. Individuals who wish to treat pigmentation can consider options such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. Chemical peels involve the use of a chemical solution being applied to an individual’s skin. The application of the solution causes the skin to “blister” or peel off. With dermabrasion, a dermatologist freezes the skin and subsequently “sands” it in order to improve its contours. The end result is a rejuvenated appearance that results from new skin replacing the former damaged skin. Laser therapy involves the use of a bright light to gently ablate and/or vaporize an individual’s skin tissue in a manner that can decrease the visible appearance of pigmentation.






Although pigmentation can be a problem for many people, viable solutions exist. By consulting with a trained dermatologist for pigmentation treatment, you can find the solutions you need in order to gain confidence in your appearance and lead a healthy, happy life. Good luck!

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How to Treat Hyperpigmentation from Acne

What is Hyperpigmentation? 

Hyperpigmentation is frequently a result of skin inflammation such as acne vulgaris. This condition causes various areas of the skin’s surface to become darker. An individual with naturally darker skin tones is more likely to develop this condition due to higher levels of melanin in the skin’s tissue. In addition, longer exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will often increase hyperpigmentation especially for individuals with naturally darker skin tones.

Find an Expert Aesthetician 

The condition of hyperpigmentation may be localized to particular areas of the body such as the face, arms or back. Alternatively, the darker patches of coloration might occur on several portions of the body. Individuals with dark patches of skin can seek a pigmentation treatment from a professional aesthetician at, with specialized training in this condition.

Prive Clinic offers best solutions of hyperpigmentation treatment for serious acne scar patients

Prive Clinic offers best solutions of hyperpigmentation treatment for serious acne scar patients

Understanding Acne 

The condition of acne vulgaris typically begins in early adolescence and may continue into early adulthood. Individuals will develop nodules, pustules, papules and comedones in the pores of skin. Due to massive changes in hormone production the oil from glands increases, causing pores to grow bacteria. The bacterial growth is a result of skin flakes and oil combining while plugging pores on the skin’s surface.

How Acne Leads to Discoloration 

The inflammation causes skin tissue to develop pus filled pimples of various sizes. The surrounding tissue often will become red and painful when there are numerous pimples on the skin. Severe incidences of acne can lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation that is permanent without professional intervention. Individuals with post inflammatory pigmentation may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the darker areas of skin tissue.

Get an Evaluation 

Fortunately, an individual with this condition can seek a advice from skin specialists where aestheticians have experience in techniques that eliminate skin discoloration. During a consultation, the professional aestheticians who treat hyperpigmentation will examine a client carefully to provide the best options for lightening darker areas of skin tissue. In addition, an aesthetician thoroughly explains each skin lightening procedure that removes hyperpigmentation to a client before it begins.

Laser Procedures 

After a consultation with an aesthetician, a pigmentation treatment begins with the use of small lasers or chemical peels. A laser treatment to remove skin discoloration is achieved with a device that emits beams of pulsating light. The intense light beam reaches the underlying skin tissue to destroy the melanin discoloration. An aesthetician may recommend repeated laser procedures to reduce skin discolorations from hyperpigmentation completely.

Chemical Procedures 

Alternatively, a skin specialist may recommend chemical peel techniques to reduce hyperpigmentation. This form of nonsurgical pigmentation treatment uses ingredients such as ascorbic, alpha hydroxy, kojic or azelaic acid to reduce inflammation while increasing new skin cell production.


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Getting Help for Your Beauty Concerns

Many people have beauty concerns. Society has become a place where both men and women face enormous pressure to look a certain way. There are options for people who want to improve their physical appearance. Some of these include skin whitening, dermal fillers and hair removal.

Skin whitening is a process in which the pigment of the skin can be reduced to make the skin appear lighter. This is done through facial wraps, exfoliation and serums. There are antioxidants in the facial wraps that help to counteract hyperpigmentation. The skin tone is lightened and becomes illuminated. Serums are applied to the skin for deep cleansing and afterwards a skin mask is applied so that the process can be completed.

The whitening can also cover up brown spots, acne scars and other blemishes. The treatments are unisex so men and women who have issues with their skin can have the problem addressed quickly.

Dermal fillers are injected into the face to increase the volume. As men and women age, the contour of their face changes which can make the skin appear to sag. There are several types of fillers that people can choose to use. These include Restalyne, Radiesse, Sculptra and Juvederm.

The filler is injected into the face using a very tiny needle. The procedure is painless and can increase the production of collagen in the face for twelve months or more. This is a great treatment to have because it lifts up the face without needing surgical intervention.

New Filler Injection Technique for Fine Lines

One issue many people face is that they want their beauty treatments to look natural. The appearance of the skin a few days later is very smooth and looks rejuvenated.
Many people struggle with having excessive hair in certain areas of their bodies. Hair removal can be done by laser. This removes the hair for a long time and allows people to avoid having to use crèams and waxes to remove the hair every week.

The heat from the laser kills the root of the hair and stops any more hairs from growing in its place. The procedure does not take very long and the results make the area of the skin being treated look very smooth.

The Prive Clinic is a great clinic that provides people with help for their beauty concerns. The clinic specializes in many different treatments for beauty enhancement and caters to men and women who want to look their best.

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Relief for Acne Using At-Home Ingredients

Finding a good skin doctor with Dermatology Singapore is one way to tame skin woes for those who suffer at any age. However, until one makes an appointment with one of the Dermatology Singapore skin doctor, there are some methods of relief for acne using at-home ingredients that are safe and effective to at least diminish the appearance of acne blemishes that may make it difficult for someone to feel comfortable.

Below are a few simple at-home acne treatments for acne sufferers to try on their own:

Olive Oil, Salt and Baking Soda Paste
Mix together one and one half tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of salt and one half teaspoon of baking soda and mix together. Apply the mixture to the face before bedtime and rinse off in the morning.

Lemon Sugar Scrub
Mix together lemon juice and sugar into a scrub paste then apply to the face — first rinsed with warm water — with a cotton ball. When users scrub until the sugar dissolves then rinse with warm water, they should see diminished appearance of acne within the first few days. This method is safe for fair skin, but those with darker pigment should be careful since lemon’s acidity could cause lightening of the skin tone.

Honey, Non-Gel Toothpaste and Sea Salt
Another scrub that is safe for all skin tapes is this mixture of all easily accessible ingredients. This mixture is meant to be sticky and applied before bedtime and rinsed off in the morning.

Work from the Inside Out With Good Nutrition and Vitamins
A good diet brimming with fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of water, is one of the best acne treatments and possibly prevention to this problem. With an outbreak of acne, make sure to take 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily for two weeks.

Once patients visit Dermatology Singapore to see a skin doctor, they will receive specialized care they need.

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Forms of Facelift Treatments

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure people use to make themselves look younger. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Some techniques call for the removal of excess skin, tightening the tissue underneath and re-draping the skin on the face and neck. Others simply tighten the skin. The procedures can take only minutes, require no anesthesia and be done in a friend’s living room or require hospitals and general anesthesia.

Recovery time from the procedures vary widely. People using Botox as part of their age management program recover in mere minutes. Other more extensive facelift methods may require several weeks for full recovery. The length of time recovery takes depends on how invasive a technique is used for the facelift. Some of the most common types of facelift methods include:

• Endoscopic facelift
• Mid-facelift
• Mini facelifts
• Secondary facelifts
• Short scar facelifts

Some people prefer facelift surgery to other procedures because of the long lasting results surgery produces. Others like quick non-surgical facelifts because of they can be more convenient. One can have a Botox treatment in the morning and go to a party that night. Some of the other non-surgical facelift options include:

Facelift in a Jar
DMAE (dimethyl ethanolamine) and other creams and powders are used to make the skins firmer and eliminate fine lines. .

Facelift in a Box
This procedure uses hand-held electromagnetic devices to tighten skin and remove acne, age spots, fine lines and scarring.

Facelift in a Needle
This is another name for cosmetic acupuncture which employs tiny needles to increase circulation and stimulate collagen production.

Lunchtime Facelift
This is another name for a thread facelift where barbed thread is inserted into the skin to pull out places where the skin has begun to sag.

Liquid Facelift
This refers to the injection of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to enhance lips, fill wrinkles and eliminate lines on the cheek, chin, forehead and jaw line.

Electrical Facelift
This is done through the use of electrical stimulation of the facial muscles, improve circulation, eliminate wrinkles, cellulite and sun damage.

Radiofrequency Facelift
This method tightens the skin through the use of radiofrequency energy which heats the fat and collagen and causes them to contract leading to firmer and smoother skin.

Laser Facelift
This method uses infrared light to produce heat to tighten the collagen structures under the skin.

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Medical Aesthetics: Truly Beneficial Medicine

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A Summary on This Year’s Favorite Cosmetic Brands

When searching for the best cosmetics, there’s quite a lot to look for. How they make you feel is the big one. Beyond that, there are several other factors in choosing what type of items to apply, from the Luxola cosmetic brands to the ingredients to the price. Visit the cosmetic section of a high-end store or even a spa or boutique that specializes in a certain brand, and you may be amazed by the selections.

For those seeking more information about best buy cosmetics and options, here’s a summary.

• Deborah Lippmann: Though she’s considered the go-to manicurist for the elite, Deborah Lippmann wants her products available to everyone. Several Oscar winners have either received a manicure from her or have been rocking shades from her collection which includes more than 40 nail polish shades, plus top coats, base coasts and nail primers. Her products aren’t tested on animals and don’t include toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor.

• Mario Badescu: This chemist/cosmetologist first opened a salon in New York City in 1967. Badescu was always interested in skin care and the value of beautiful, healthy skin. He created many skin care treatments but also kept prices affordable. Today, people can select from a wide assortment including exfoliants, night creams, serums, toners and hair products.

• Korres: Considered Greece’s fastest-growing natural skin care company, this Korres features more than 400 natural and/or certified organic products and can be found in more than 30 countries. It was started 20 years ago by Greek pharmacist George Korres who wanted to focus on natural, beneficial ingredients, including herbs, extracts and other healthy ingredients. Visitors can choose from products for all skin types and complexions. You might also interested to read this: Skincare Worth Having Equals Korres

• Dr Jart: This California-based company offers a large selection of skin care products for men and women. The Beauty Balm, or BB Cream, comes in a variety of sizes and types, including the Blue Label Hydrafull and Nourishing Plus. Various skin concerns are addressed, including pore care, dryness, darkness, aging, and sensitive skin.

• Sleek MakeUp: This British company has a large following in the make-up world due to its vivid, bright colors and more than 30 shades of foundation. It offers something for every skin tone but keeps prices affordable. For lips includes a wide line of lipsticks and lip glosses. For eyes you’ll find items for brows, eyeliners, mascara, shadows and other useful accessories.

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