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Best PRP Treatment Advice for Injured Athletes

If you’re an athlete, you probably experience tendon strain and soreness at one point or another, and you know all about the frustration that goes along with not being able to play your favourite sport until it heals. A lot of famous athletes are using PRP treatment to repair torn tendons in their heals, elbows and knees much more quickly than the older method of holding an ice compress on the strain. This new treatment uses platelet rich plasma to speed up recovery from strains and torn tendons, and many doctors are trying the therapy to treat sore muscles and other injuries, as well.


Popular in Professional Sports

It’s not known how PRP therapy works, but famous sports stars, such as Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods, swear by it and claim that it allows them to return to their respective games much more quickly than they were able to using other therapies. There’s no medical evidence that it works with muscle injuries or any other condition other than tendinitis, so further research is needed to confirm whether the treatment is effective in all cases or not. What is known is that taking these shots of platelet rich plasma is not harmful and that it seems to cause tendon injuries to heal more quickly after initially feeling more painful than usual.


How the Process Works

The way the treatment works is by drawing some blood from the patient and then separating the platelet solids from the blood with a centrifuge. These solid particles that normally float in the blood seem to draw additional healing power to the injection site, and tissue that normally takes quite some time to heal tends to recover much more quickly. A centrifuge is simply a medical instrument that spins the blood at a high velocity until the solid particles within the blood separate from the liquid. They are then added to a separate plasma sample and injected back into the patient.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, PRP Treament – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim




Insurance Coverage

Many doctors are performing this simple, affordable outpatient procedure, but because insurance companies don’t always cover this treatment, be sure to review your Summary of Benefits before making an appointment. If your policy doesn’t cover the procedure, your doctor will have to give you the bill after treating you, and you won’t have a grace period in which to pay the amount due.


Cost of Treatment

The cost of the treatment comes from the equipment needed to separate the platelets from the blood and to locate the affected area using ultrasound equipment. This machine is the same instrument used to visualise infants inside the womb during pregnancy. It can detect inflamed tendon tissue using radio waves, similar to the way a ping signal measures distance between objects. Once the medical staff locates the swollen tissue, they can inject the platelet rich plasma back into the injured area. In extreme cases, the platelets are fused into the inflamed tissue and allowed to remain there until healed.

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