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6 Tips For Your First Time Massage

When a person is preparing for his or her first massage, there are a few tips that may be helpful. No every massage is the same. In order to get the most benefits from the treatment, it will be iseful to understand what to expect. Here is some advice for a person facing a massage for the first time.


Choose The Right Massage Style

Many people choose to get a massage in order to gain relaxation. If a person is having pain or tension in a certain spot, a particular style of massage may be better than another. For example, a Swedish massage is a good starting point. Swedish massage involves a person laying on a table with gentle music in the background. Muscles are rubbed with oil or lotion in hopes of relieving tension.


Cheap Does Not Guarantee A Good Massage

Massages can be expensive, but it is important to be wary of a cheap treatment. A highly trained massage therapist will expect to be paid for the skills that have been mastered. A cheap massage may lead to more pain or will not take away tension. It will be worth paying a bit more to receive a massage from an expert who can make the body and mind feel better.


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Explain The Situation

If a person is having his or her first massage, it is wise to tell the therapist. Many massage therapists will want to give a great treatment to a first time client. The therapist will be more likely to explain things in greater detail as well.


Things To Expect During A Naked Massage

After a person decides to have a professional massage, there will be a meeting with the therapist. Then, this person will leave the room while the person gets undressed. A person should only remove the clothes that keep the level of comfort high. When the clothes are gone, the person lays on the massage table, covered with a towel and blanket. When the therapist returns, he or she will straighten the blanket and direct the person to lay on the stomach or back. Shortly after, the massage will begin. The therapist will never be able to view a person’s private parts at any time.


Speak Up With Concerns

If a person is not comfortable with the technique, it is important to convey this to the therapist. It is also important to feel comfortable with the temperature in the room and pressure being applied. A true professional will be able to adjust the circumstances and make things better.


Always Tip

A client should always tip a massage therapist, especially for a good job. In a spa, a therapist will only receive a small percentage of the price being paid. If the massage was very good, the tip will express the satisfaction that was felt. Even if a person is getting a massage through a gift certificate, it is only fair to leave a tip. It is normal to tip up to 25 percent of the total cost of the massage.

Getting a massage should be relaxing and enjoyable. If a person is just about to embark on a massage for the first time, the above tips should be useful. In the end, it will help a person relieve stress, tension, and have a great massage experience.


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