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The Best Chinese Confinement Food For New Mums

Chinese confinement foods and methods stem from the belief that the point when a woman’s body is the weakest is when she has just given birth. When a woman’s body is very weak, then she will be a great deal more vulnerable to illness and injury. It is highly recommended that a woman go through a period of thirty to forty days of confinement. This will keep the woman secluded from the world so that she does not risk falling prey to any infections. There are numerous rules that govern how a woman is supposed to behave during her confinement period, including not washing or showering that entire time because cold water will make a body more likely to suffer aches because it lets the wind in. A woman is also not allowed to leave the house when she is going through confinement. She is essentially attempting to try to protect herself from the wind and cold, so she is also not allowed to wear clothing without sleeves or not wear socks.

One main components of the confinement period is that of the food that the woman has to eat. Many of these different types of foods are considered to be “heating ingredients” because they will drive out the wind and cold, thus fighting off infection. Examples of heating ingredients include ginger, wine, black vinegar, and wine. These are basically used to excess in every meal that a woman going through confinement will eat.



The main reason why it is highly recommended for women in a confinement period to drink wine is because alcohol is considered to cause the body of a woman who has just given birth to heal more quickly. Another common belief regarding wine is that it will clean the stomach after a baby has been born, which will also speed the healing process and fight off infection. Rice wine is the type that is most highly recommended because it has a lot of iron and dietary fiber, both of which will strengthen a woman’s body.



During the first week that a baby is born, it is recommended to avoid ginger because it has been shown to increase the risk that a baby gets jaundice. However, after that first week, traditional confinement rules dictate that ginger should be consumed in order to ensure that a woman’s body gets the nutrients that it needs, as well as has enough heat to keep her safe. Ask these Chinese confinement experts to determine if ginger is right for you.


Ginger Chicken with homemade rice wine

Ginger Chicken with homemade rice wine



Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is prized for many of the same reasons why it is recommended to eat ginger. Because sesame oil is said to heat up the body, it is believed to cause the body to become warm enough drive away any of the wind that could potentially harm a woman after she has given birth.

Essentially, eating meals that include these foods will ensure that a woman is able to make a full recovery after she has given birth.


Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks

Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks





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