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The Facelift You Haven’t Tried: Threadlift


The facelift that you are looking for is going to change your life if you allow it to, but many people are not getting their facelifts because they are afraid of the procedure or the cost. You can get around these fears and problems when you get the Threadlift in an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. This is a procedure that is going to help you lift your cheeks and sagging skin under your eyes. You have tried to combat these things for years, but now there is a process that is going to do this for you for must less expense than normal.

How Does It Work? 

The Threadlift is going to help you change the contour of your cheeks after they have begun to sag. You have to make a change when you are getting older, and you will notice that your once strong cheekbones are simply not as powerful as they used to be. The sagging skin around them is going to make life hard for you, but this process is going to help you make a change in your life.

The Thread 

The lift is going to be done by some small threads that are going to help to reshape your cheeks. This is going to be a procedure that does not require any kind of cutting, and you will be able to heal really quickly. This kind of procedure never gets old because the threads are always going to remain in place once you are done with the procedure. You will be able to enjoy the way you look for years to come, and you will not have to come back to the clinic to get the procedure updated after you age a little bit more. Most people who are trying to get procedures like this done are afraid that they will have to get the procedure done again, but this procedure is going to last forever.

How Fast? 

This is a very fast procedure that you will be able to get done when you know that you do not have that much time to invest in it. You will be able to go in for the procedure today, and you will be able to leave the clinic the same day. The clinic will help you heal, but you will not have to worry about healing in a slow manner. The healing process is going to last just a week or so, and you will be back to your normal self. This is a great way to change the way you look, and you will not have to worry about how you are going to work or life your live during a long healing process.

People that are getting this procedure are going to have instant results that are going to last a lifetime. Your sagging cheeks are going to look so much better, and you will be able to get this procedure easily so that you will be able to change your appearance for the better.


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Best PRP Treatment Advice for Injured Athletes

If you’re an athlete, you probably experience tendon strain and soreness at one point or another, and you know all about the frustration that goes along with not being able to play your favourite sport until it heals. A lot of famous athletes are using PRP treatment to repair torn tendons in their heals, elbows and knees much more quickly than the older method of holding an ice compress on the strain. This new treatment uses platelet rich plasma to speed up recovery from strains and torn tendons, and many doctors are trying the therapy to treat sore muscles and other injuries, as well.


Popular in Professional Sports

It’s not known how PRP therapy works, but famous sports stars, such as Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods, swear by it and claim that it allows them to return to their respective games much more quickly than they were able to using other therapies. There’s no medical evidence that it works with muscle injuries or any other condition other than tendinitis, so further research is needed to confirm whether the treatment is effective in all cases or not. What is known is that taking these shots of platelet rich plasma is not harmful and that it seems to cause tendon injuries to heal more quickly after initially feeling more painful than usual.


How the Process Works

The way the treatment works is by drawing some blood from the patient and then separating the platelet solids from the blood with a centrifuge. These solid particles that normally float in the blood seem to draw additional healing power to the injection site, and tissue that normally takes quite some time to heal tends to recover much more quickly. A centrifuge is simply a medical instrument that spins the blood at a high velocity until the solid particles within the blood separate from the liquid. They are then added to a separate plasma sample and injected back into the patient.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, PRP Treament – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim




Insurance Coverage

Many doctors are performing this simple, affordable outpatient procedure, but because insurance companies don’t always cover this treatment, be sure to review your Summary of Benefits before making an appointment. If your policy doesn’t cover the procedure, your doctor will have to give you the bill after treating you, and you won’t have a grace period in which to pay the amount due.


Cost of Treatment

The cost of the treatment comes from the equipment needed to separate the platelets from the blood and to locate the affected area using ultrasound equipment. This machine is the same instrument used to visualise infants inside the womb during pregnancy. It can detect inflamed tendon tissue using radio waves, similar to the way a ping signal measures distance between objects. Once the medical staff locates the swollen tissue, they can inject the platelet rich plasma back into the injured area. In extreme cases, the platelets are fused into the inflamed tissue and allowed to remain there until healed.

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It’s Okay to Cheat on Your Diet – Just Follow These 3 Rules!

Dieters often include a cheat day to indulge in their favorite foods. Even individuals who eat healthy as a lifestyle choice will put a cheat day in there. There is nothing wrong with a cheat day. In fact, it can help you stay on track with your nutrition plan by keeping your cravings in control. However, a cheat day used incorrectly can sabotage a good diet and even measures like lipo treatment cannot keep your body from storing fat when you overload on unhealthy food. Therefore, you need to know how to manage your cheat day.

Cheating Is Not Binging
Make sure that you keep your calorie intake within a reasonable limit even on your cheat days. Sure, you can add a few hundred to make up for the fact that you will be eating high calorie foods, but do not add a thousand or more calories. It is easy to lose track in the quest for the best tasting food, but you have to remember that a cheat day is about getting in those tastes and not about gorging yourself. If in doubt about a calorie intake for your cheat days, calculate the number of daily calories you need to reach your weight goal and then add two or three hundred.

Hydration is Still Important
Cheat days are great, but you will still be getting back to the grind the next day. You do not want to dehydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water on your cheat days. This will keep you from wasting your calories on beverages and help you keep your cheat calories within the acceptable range.

Cheating Only Applies to Food
Every good exercise program has break days for muscles to recover. These are not diet cheat days. When your diet cheat day comes around and happens to fall on a day with a run, you still need to run. You can absolutely plan your cheat days to fall on rest days, but it is a bad idea to treat cheat days as sloth days. You are not giving yourself carte blanche to destroy your healthy habits. You are giving yourself a few treats that will taste even better after a hard workout.

Keeping your cheat days in check will keep you from hitting the scale at the end of the week and wondering where all of your hard work went. In the end, it is worth having a little bit of discipline even on days set aside for a bit of slacking. Think of it like still washing the dishes even if you have just done spring-cleaning.

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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you’re experiencing stress urinary incontinence or can no longer enjoy sex due to a lack of friction or other physical issues, the first thing to understand is you’re not alone. Countless women experience these and similar issues related to their vaginas, and not all of them have children. While childbirth is, indeed, often to blame for physical issues regarding the vagina, factors like aging, weight loss and injuries are often culprits too. Whatever the cause may be, vaginal rejuvenation could very well be the solution.


The Problem

Sadly, due to embarrassment, many women needlessly suffer through vaginal problems that keep them from enjoying sex. All too often, they endure loose vaginal muscles and other problems that cause stress urinary incontinence, which involves involuntary urination when sneezing, laughing or from other activities. Sound familiar? The first thing you need to know is this is no cause for embarrassment. Like most parts of the body, the vagina is supported by muscles. Over time, or following childbirth or other types of trauma, those muscles may weaken or loosen. In turn, the vagina is less supported. This can cause feelings of looseness that make friction all but impossible. As a result, achieving orgasm is virtually impossible too.


Vaginal Laser RejuvenationThe Solution

Sometimes, the solution to pelvic relaxation, or vaginal relaxation, is to simply perform Kegel exercises on a regular basis. Chances are you’ve already tried that. If you’re reading this, your efforts probably failed. It’s normal to feel discouraged and to even assume that you’re out of luck. Luckily, that’s not the case. A procedure called Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, or LVR, can tighten and enhance your vagina so that urinary incontinence and problems regarding sexual gratification are resolved once and for all. Unlike Kegel exercises, this procedure restores the vagina quickly, so you can get on with your life right away.


How it Works

Like most women, the idea of having someone perform a procedure on your vagina is probably not too appealing. When you consider the results you’ll enjoy from doing so, though, you’ll probably change your tune. Besides, a laser vaginal procedure is designed to be fast, easy and virtually pain-free. In most cases, it is finished in less than an hour, and it’s handled as an outpatient procedure. Medications are administered beforehand to ensure your comfort, and they’re usually prescribed following the procedure to make recovery as fast and painless as possible.



During laser vaginal rejuvenation, which is a type of vaginoplasty, your doctor will use a laser to decrease the internal and external dimensions of the vagina. At the same time, the laser may be used to reshape and firm up vaginal tissues. Because a laser is used, very little bleeding occurs, and everything tends to heal up quickly.

No two women are exactly alike, so the first step to achieving a successful vaginal rejuvenation is to have a consultation and exam with a qualified physician. The work that will be done will depend on the nature of your vaginal or pelvic relaxation. A skilled physician will be able to pinpoint areas that need tightening or reduction. Before your procedure begins, you’ll know exactly what will be done and how it will help.


Move On with Your Life with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you’re tired of not enjoying sex or would like to stop worrying whenever you laugh or sneeze, it’s time to consider vaginal rejuvenation (you can have a talk with our recommended Doctor Chen for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment). After all, there’s only so much Kegel exercises can achieve. Through this simple outpatient procedure, you can achieve the enhanced vaginal control, strength and muscle tone that you need to combat the effects of aging and childbirth and to reclaim your sexual satisfaction.

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The Best Chinese Confinement Food For New Mums

Chinese confinement foods and methods stem from the belief that the point when a woman’s body is the weakest is when she has just given birth. When a woman’s body is very weak, then she will be a great deal more vulnerable to illness and injury. It is highly recommended that a woman go through a period of thirty to forty days of confinement. This will keep the woman secluded from the world so that she does not risk falling prey to any infections. There are numerous rules that govern how a woman is supposed to behave during her confinement period, including not washing or showering that entire time because cold water will make a body more likely to suffer aches because it lets the wind in. A woman is also not allowed to leave the house when she is going through confinement. She is essentially attempting to try to protect herself from the wind and cold, so she is also not allowed to wear clothing without sleeves or not wear socks.

One main components of the confinement period is that of the food that the woman has to eat. Many of these different types of foods are considered to be “heating ingredients” because they will drive out the wind and cold, thus fighting off infection. Examples of heating ingredients include ginger, wine, black vinegar, and wine. These are basically used to excess in every meal that a woman going through confinement will eat.



The main reason why it is highly recommended for women in a confinement period to drink wine is because alcohol is considered to cause the body of a woman who has just given birth to heal more quickly. Another common belief regarding wine is that it will clean the stomach after a baby has been born, which will also speed the healing process and fight off infection. Rice wine is the type that is most highly recommended because it has a lot of iron and dietary fiber, both of which will strengthen a woman’s body.



During the first week that a baby is born, it is recommended to avoid ginger because it has been shown to increase the risk that a baby gets jaundice. However, after that first week, traditional confinement rules dictate that ginger should be consumed in order to ensure that a woman’s body gets the nutrients that it needs, as well as has enough heat to keep her safe. Ask these Chinese confinement experts to determine if ginger is right for you.


Ginger Chicken with homemade rice wine

Ginger Chicken with homemade rice wine



Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is prized for many of the same reasons why it is recommended to eat ginger. Because sesame oil is said to heat up the body, it is believed to cause the body to become warm enough drive away any of the wind that could potentially harm a woman after she has given birth.

Essentially, eating meals that include these foods will ensure that a woman is able to make a full recovery after she has given birth.


Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks

Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks





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Different Types of Slimming Treatments

There are many different types of slimming treatments that may be applied in order to help an individual who is obese to lose weight and sustain a much leaner figure. Some of the most popular types of slimming treatment options include liposuction, body wrap treatments, natural slimming supplements and herbal treatments. While all of these treatments have been proven to be effective, the individual results will vary from one person to the next. This means that no two people should expect to see the same results.

Liposuction is a procedure that can be done in many different ways by professional surgeons. The most commonly practiced forms of liposuction involve a surgical procedure where fat deposits are carefully removed by a surgeon using a suction tool. Patients that choose to undergo this type of slimming treatment will need to have several incisions made in the skin where the fat will be removed. The use of anesthesia is also required for this type of treatment. There are also less intrusive liposuction processes that can be administered by an injection or a laser. When the injection method is used, chemicals are placed in the fat deposits that cause the fat to harden. Afterward, the fat is passed naturally through the patient’s system as waste.

Body wrap treatments are another slimming treatment option that can help people lose weight fast. During this procedure, the person is wrapped tightly in elastic material. Throughout the duration of the process, the body sweats and gets rid of excessive fluid. This is a non-invasive form of treatment that does not require any type of incisions, anesthesia or healing once the process has been completed. It can be done as often as the person needs in order to slim down to the size that they desire.

Natural slimming supplements and herbal treatments are over the counter pills that contain ingredients which can help eliminate fat from the body. These dietary supplements are taken on a daily basis and contain natural ingredients such as Chitosan, Beta Glucan, and Whey Protein that help to reduce the absorption of fat, lower cholesterol, and build lean muscle.

Another kind of slimming treatment that is gaining popularity is Coolsculpting or Zeltiq. Coolsculpting is a natural way to reduce body fat and obtain long lasting results. The procedure is simple and does not require a lot of time to complete, in most cases just one hour. During the Coolsculpting procedure, the individual goes through a cooling process that is able to kill fat cells that lie underneath the skin by freezing them until they are completely eliminated.

Only the fat cells are frozen during the treatment and all healthy skin cells remain unharmed. The best part is that there are no incisions or scars left behind once the treatment is over. After the fat cells are crystallized, they die and are naturally eliminated as a waste product.

In order to find out more about Zeltiq coolsculpting in Singapore, and other slimming treatment options that are available, interested clients should get in contact with their local plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery facility.

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6 Tips For Your First Time Massage

When a person is preparing for his or her first massage, there are a few tips that may be helpful. No every massage is the same. In order to get the most benefits from the treatment, it will be iseful to understand what to expect. Here is some advice for a person facing a massage for the first time.


Choose The Right Massage Style

Many people choose to get a massage in order to gain relaxation. If a person is having pain or tension in a certain spot, a particular style of massage may be better than another. For example, a Swedish massage is a good starting point. Swedish massage involves a person laying on a table with gentle music in the background. Muscles are rubbed with oil or lotion in hopes of relieving tension.


Cheap Does Not Guarantee A Good Massage

Massages can be expensive, but it is important to be wary of a cheap treatment. A highly trained massage therapist will expect to be paid for the skills that have been mastered. A cheap massage may lead to more pain or will not take away tension. It will be worth paying a bit more to receive a massage from an expert who can make the body and mind feel better.


benefits of massage infographic



Explain The Situation

If a person is having his or her first massage, it is wise to tell the therapist. Many massage therapists will want to give a great treatment to a first time client. The therapist will be more likely to explain things in greater detail as well.


Things To Expect During A Naked Massage

After a person decides to have a professional massage, there will be a meeting with the therapist. Then, this person will leave the room while the person gets undressed. A person should only remove the clothes that keep the level of comfort high. When the clothes are gone, the person lays on the massage table, covered with a towel and blanket. When the therapist returns, he or she will straighten the blanket and direct the person to lay on the stomach or back. Shortly after, the massage will begin. The therapist will never be able to view a person’s private parts at any time.


Speak Up With Concerns

If a person is not comfortable with the technique, it is important to convey this to the therapist. It is also important to feel comfortable with the temperature in the room and pressure being applied. A true professional will be able to adjust the circumstances and make things better.


Always Tip

A client should always tip a massage therapist, especially for a good job. In a spa, a therapist will only receive a small percentage of the price being paid. If the massage was very good, the tip will express the satisfaction that was felt. Even if a person is getting a massage through a gift certificate, it is only fair to leave a tip. It is normal to tip up to 25 percent of the total cost of the massage.

Getting a massage should be relaxing and enjoyable. If a person is just about to embark on a massage for the first time, the above tips should be useful. In the end, it will help a person relieve stress, tension, and have a great massage experience.


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