5 Tools Everyone in the Orthopaedic Advice for Athletes Industry Should Be Using



Injuries sustained on the foot as well as the ankle are common to sports personalities, on the other hand, sports enthusiast can decrease the risks of injuries by taking relevant precautions.


1. Warm up activities before engaging in sports activities

Paediatric orthopaedics recommend people to stretch and even do slow jogs for a period of two or three minutes for the purpose of warming up the muscles. The bouncing motion should not be used as a way of stretching the muscles.

Exercise is the best method that can be used to lubricate the joints, strengthen the muscles that support the joints, and for maintaining range of motion, to add to this, the factors are the best techniques that can be used to reduce pain. A person should check with the doctor if he has not exercised lately and would like to participate in exercises. People are forewarned that joints will ache a bit more than usual the first time you participate in exercises. With continues exercising, the pain will ease.


pre-workout stretches


2. Time Spent on Sporting activities

Muscles have to be conditioned for sports; therefore, the amount of time spent on activates has to increase gradually over a period of fourteen days, this will build the athletes mobility and muscle strength. Cross training through participation in different types of activities helps in building the muscles.


cross training

Examples of cross training


3. Best Shoes for Sporting Activities

Running shoes

Athletic shoes used has to be the right shoes for the foot, people that have feet that pronate or have allow arches have to choose shoes that will provide support in front of the shoes as well as under the arch. The heel and the back of the shoes has to be stable, there are people that have a firmer feet, these kinds of people have to choose shoes that soft platforms for the feet to be comfortable while on exercising have more cushion and a soft platform. Paediatric orthopaedics recommendation is that athletes should use sports shoes, the best being cross training shoes, despite this, the best shoes to use are shoes designed for the sport.

The moment the thread of the shoes wears off, the shoes should be replaced, people participating in running activities are advised to replace their shoes after every period of six months, and if the runner is an avid one, the shoes should frequently be replaced.


Tips on buying athletic shoes


run_on_dirt_road4. Activities on Rough Terrains

When running on rocky terrain, or running on hills that have loose gravel, try to avoid or even better avoid running on an even surface. Tree stumps, roots and holes are dangerous to a trail runner, a person with a problem in the lower legs should run on a dirt road since it is softer compared to asphalt. It is best to pick a good surface, but when racing, training on the surface you will eventually run into is the best place to do the training.


5. Treatment of Injuries

Injuries should be treated depending on its severity, the majority of strains and sprains can be treated by having a rest, compression and elevation, or using ice. Cases that are moderate to severe may require immobilization that includes casts or brace. Certain injuries may require surgery, especially injuries that do not heal within the expected period of time.

In case an injury occur while participating in sports activities, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible, serious injuries in the foot or ankle are those that cause a person to limp or creates a swelling. With prompt and appropriate treatment and rehabilitation, there are high possibilities of recovery.