5 Tips to Ease Shoulder Pain At Home

Your shoulders have a lot of responsibility in your daily life, and they are just as susceptible to injury and pain as any other part of your body. Your shoulders are continuously working throughout the day as you lift your children, reach for dinner fixings from your kitchen cabinets, play sports, function at work or school and as you simply drive from place to place.

Many people break one of their shoulders when they take a bad fall or suffer an injury while participating in a sport. Other injuries that may occur include sprains, strains, deep bruising, dislocation, torn cartilage and separation. All of these will cause you shoulder pain, and you should see a doctor if you aren’t sure what is causing the pain. For shoulder pain not caused by serious injury, you can try several shoulder pain treatments right in your own home.

1. Bring Out the Ice
In most cases, icing your shoulder will help ease your pain. You can use a store-bought ice pack or place some ice in a damp towel. This should be applied to the painful area for no more than 20 minutes at a time for up to eight times a day.

2. Rest Your Shoulder 
As busy as your daily life is, you must allow your shoulder to rest if it is giving you pain. Make the effort to keep it still for at least 48 hours. During this time, try to use only the arm not associated with the sore shoulder.

3. Prop Yourself Up
When you are able to rest, be sure to put a pillow underneath the hurt shoulder. Keeping your shoulder positioned above heart level when you recline will discourage swelling.

4. Wrapping Helps 
You may get some relief by putting some pressure on the shoulder with either a bandage or a wrap. This will help to keep your shoulder in place, and it will also minimize any swelling.

5. Pain Relievers 
Many over-the-counter medications can be found at your local pharmacy or retail store that will help relieve your shoulder pain. Simple aspirin may be all you need, but feel free to ask the pharmacist for a suggestion.

If you suspect a break or other serious shoulder injury, then you shouldn’t hesitate to see your doctor right away. You may require a cast or sling, need the shoulder reset or even require surgery. Otherwise, these at-home shoulder pain treatments should serve you with some much needed relief.