3 Tools For Preventing A Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is easy to come by if you are actively participating in any form of strenuous activity. With a little common sense and the right tools you can prevent this type of injury. Whether you are walking, jogging, hiking, playing a team sport or just wandering over uneven terrain, the right tools will lessen your chances of twisting or spraining your ankle.

Have the Proper Shoes

proper_shoesThe right shoes are essential if you are participating in an activity where a specific sole or material is beneficial. Shoes with a rubberized bottom will prevent you from slipping if you are walking next to a pool or fountain. Rugged boots with a durable, ridged sole work best if you are going to be hiking over uneven or rugged terrain. If you are walking or jogging, a cushioned insole will help support and reduce the stress on your feet and ankles.

Always make sure the shoes you were fit the activity you will be performing. You won’t have to worry about struggling and the chances of you receiving an injury are greatly reduced.


Flexible Ankle Braces

ankle_braceIf you happen to be climbing or hiking, you may want to invest in a flexible ankle brace. Flexible ankle braces add support to the ankle as well as the foot, allowing for maximum flexibility with a reduced chance of a sprained ankle. While wearing the brace, you will still have full mobility, the only difference is your ankle will be firmly secured and there will be a reduced chance of the bones moving or being forced out of their normal position.


Specific Exercises that Strengthen the Ankle and Lower Leg

Although not a tangible tool, performing specific exercises and stretches that work to strengthen and tone the lower leg and ankle will offer support during times of strenuous activity. Performing these exercises regularly will not only strengthen the leg, ankle and foot, it will also prevent injuries in the future. The stronger the joint, the less likely it is to bruise, tear or fracture.


Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Following a few bits of advice will keep you out on the playing field. Reducing the chances of receiving an injury, especially a sprained ankle will be reduced the more you safeguard yourself with the proper tools. Learn more about sprained ankle treatment & surgery by Dr Siow.