Black Friday Deals vs. Cyber Monday Deals

If you are like many other consumers, you have joined the crowds in search of fabulous deals on Black Friday. Likewise, if you are like so many other people who have shopped for deals on this popular shopping day, the thrill associated with finding great savings on your Black Friday purchases may have quickly evaporated when you found some of your purchases on sale with even better discounts on Cyber Monday. With your experience from past years lingering in the back of your mind, you may be wondering how you can determine if you should take advantage of Black Friday deals or wait for Cyber Monday deals.

Shopping for Smartphones

Blacck Friday vs Cyber Monay
There are some amazing deals that you can take advantage of on smartphone purchases this holiday season, but should you purchase your smartphones on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Through the analysis of historical trends over the past few years, by far the best deals available are those featured on Cyber Monday. Some of the Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday deals at this site will be available to shoppers as early as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Buying Televisions

If you need an HDTV for your home or you want to purchase a special gift for someone on your shopping list, the best deals available are those that are posted for Thanksgiving Day. If you are opposed to getting out of the house on Thanksgiving Day to do your shopping, the deals available on HDTVs are generally better on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. Keep in mind that the specials are often available on select brands, and stores may only carry a few of these items in stock. Therefore, plan to be one of the first people in the store if you want to take advantage of these deals.

Getting a Deal on Gaming Consoles and Video Games

Video games and gaming consoles, Xbox One in particular, are always popular gift items. Looking at historical trends, the analysis clearly indicates that the best deals available are found on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, there were almost 230 percent more deals available on Thanksgiving Day than on Cyber Monday. Black Friday deals, however, still beat Cyber Monday deals based on historical analysis. When shopping for consoles, remember that new consoles rarely go on sale their first holiday season on the market.

Finding Hot Deals on Computers

Cyber Monday
Whether you need a new PC, a laptop or another similar item, the most significant savings is generally found on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. As with the HDTVs, however, the best deals are often available on items stocked in limited supply. If you need to purchase a computer or laptop this holiday season, be prepared to wait in line so that you are the first in the store when it opens.

As you can see, the most significant deals on these particular items are found on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. However, Cyber Monday also has its fair share of great deals. The best deals to look for on Cyber Monday historically are on clothing and other related items. But now the trend has shifted to mobile devices. Check out this website for Verizon Wireless coupons to use. Many deals are announced several days beforehand, so be sure to do your research and plan your shopping trip carefully if you want to enjoy the best savings possible on your purchases.

Things You Don’t Know About Black Friday 2013

Black Friday Doorbuster
Most consumers are well aware that Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and this day is quickly approaching. You may be preparing your shopping list and may already be scouring the Internet to find great deals that you want to take advantage of while you are out shopping this year. However, as you prepare for what may be an epic day of shopping, you should keep a few things in mind.

Doorbuster Specials Can Be Tricky

Many retail stores are actively competing with online retailers this season, and one of the most effective ways that they can get shoppers into their stores is to offer fabulous doorbuster deals. The doorbuster specials are often listed online, so you can do your research ahead of time to ensure that the special offers really are amazing and worth your time. However, you should be aware that some retailers are now offering special offers during certain windows throughout the day in an effort to keep you in the store for an extended period of time. Unless you plan to spend your entire day in one department store or retail store, make sure that you plan your shopping day ahead of time and know exactly where the best deals are and what time period those deals are available for. Many retailers will post the deals online and even make them available for purchase. Check out for doorbuster special before you head out on Black Friday.

Look for Great Deals on Smartphones

Black Friday 2013
If you need to purchase a smartphone for yourself or for someone else on your shopping list this season, you will not be disappointed with the fabulous deals available to you through retailers. Many of the most popular models of smartphones have a rather hefty price tag most days of the year, but you will love the fact that many models will be heavily discounted on Black Friday from Verizon Wireless. You should take time to shop around now to locate the best deal on the model of phone that you want. The best deals will be available to you with a long-term contract, but if you are willing to commit to a contract, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Social Media Discounts May Require More Work Than You Think

It is no surprise that retailers are actively using social media websites, such as Facebook, to engage consumers and to promote their products and special offers. However, some consumers may be sorely disappointed when they like an offer on Facebook and believe that is all the work they need to do to take advantage of that offer. In many cases, these special offers will require you to click a link and fill out a form, print out a coupon or follow some other special instructions. If you have the desire to take advantage of social media discounts and special offers this year, be sure that you read the fine print on the specials so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to save money.

While there are some great opportunities to save money this Black Friday on items that you may need and on gifts for your loved ones for the holiday season, keep in mind that retailers are becoming savvier and more sophisticated in their efforts. If you are interested in saving the maximum amount of money possible on your shopping trip this Black Friday, pay attention to these tips.

My Sprint Black Friday Shopping List

If you are like me you are in no hurry to upgrade your smartphone until the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday. Because it’s the only time that you can get incredible discount and more choices.

First of all if you are not with Sprint yet you are really missing out on the phone selection and rate plans that they offer. In the old days, the most popular phones are not necessarily available on all carriers. High-end smartphones, such as those made by Samsung, were selling exclusively through biggest carriers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Or they are re-branded to an entirely different name to distinguish from the same device on another carrier. Things have changed in the past few years. And because Sprint offers much cheap plans, especially they still make unlimited data available to consumers is the biggest incentive that many of us are switching to the carrier.

iPhone 5s
1. iPhone 5s – this is the most talked about smartphone this year. Although you don’t see significant changes on the outside the interior components have been completely reworked. It’s got a brand new 64-bit processor, M7 motion chip, low light camera, and most importantly, the Touch ID. Choose from 3 different colors – Gold, Space Gray, and Silver. If you think the $199 starting price is reasonable, how about a $100 price by bring a mobile number over from another carrier.

2. My number choice is the new Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are seriously interested in Android smartphone it’s got to be in your shopping list. The screen size is 1 inch large than the iPhone 5s and most people find it a major advantage over the iPhone. It’s just not fair to compare that with the iPhone 5s’ 4 inch screen. It’s a personal choice. The price will drops below $100 at Sprint Black Friday sale here and I will definitely get one for myself or as a gift for family members.

3. If you prefer an even bigger screen, the Galaxy Note 3 is an excellent blend between a smartphone and tablet. The 5.7 inch screen looks enormous. But you will very much appreciate the screen size when you watch movies and view photos on it. Is it too big to fit your shirt and pant pocket? Not at all. Although you might not able to type with one hand, this device doesn’t feel bulky can be easily taken out of bag or side pockets.

4. The iPhone 5c is my one of my favorite gift idea for the holidays. The original price of $99 is already cheap enough for me to buy 2. Third party retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy are reducing the price to just $49. It’s just too low to pass this once a year super deal.

Moto X
5. The last smartphone that I would consider is the new Moto X due to its wide selections of colors and endless possibility of customization. The 4.7 inch display is slightly smaller than that of Galaxy S4. But feel solid and steady on your hand. It may not have the fastest processor or the highest pixel counts per inch, the camera is ready to shoot anytime without having to press a camera app or button. Regular price is $199 on par with many other smartphones. I will buy it when it goes on sale for $99 or less. You can also check out this website that lists monthly promotions from Sprint and other wireless carriers.

The average saving on these phone ranges from $100 to $200 depending on the time of the promotion. Sprint will also bundle free accessories like free case and charger. You won’t go wrong with any of the phone list above, especially on Black Friday 2013.